Certified Bartenders, Barracks, and Beverage Team
We’ve done certified bartenders at Cherry Creek Festival. We can do as small as shop mini for one person, for a two hour gig. We can also do it for a wedding. The bartenders are alcohol certified, so we know we are putting the right people to protect whatever venue they are in, to make sure people are not getting over-served. We have the barbacks to back up the bartenders. 

Event Decoration
When you do decorating staff, these are people who may have a carpentry background that may help setup theatrical screens and large stage props. For example we did an amazing show that was steampunk meets Alice in Wonderland. Where we had a giant archway with of a clock, you’d walk through what looked like a rabbit hole, leading into a huge palace, full of decor. With a giant tea pot and playing cards, giant styrofoam mushrooms, and an enchanted garden. Including the use of scissor lifts for placement. Decor does everything from build scenes to having our carpenters build ramps for auto shows. Including tossing linens prior to the caterers arriving.

To be a part of creating a client experience, and offering a chance for staff to change their life, is humbling, and what a great way to give back with gratitude. 

Catering & Serving Staff
For larger parties providing bartenders, serving staff, for both banquet or buffet. Making sure that the flow of all the people is going smoothly so everyone can eat. With the banquet serving staff we would hand out plates, augment the catering company staff with additional servers, and going around picking up and cleaning tables as we go. With buffet, changing out the chaffing dishes to keep them full and fresh. We also offer a trash cleanup crew for after the event. 

Prep Chefs
People who were needed to make sure that the Master Chef would would have the backup for the catering event. Chefs that take care of food preparation, garnish, and plate presentation. 

Parking Lot Attendants, Parking, Valet Parking, Flaggers
Handling the ingress and egress. Starting at the venue two hours before the event begins.  Parking goes from the point of contact with the attendees of an event. Very often people who drive to the event have been waiting in line, may be agitated, may have even needed to pay to park, so the first face they see needs to be smiling. And this is another subtle aspect of security, by making sure it’s a happy environment. Then crowd control, bringing people in from the parking lots into the venue. Making sure the different parking lot attendants are in contact with each other. Correctly directing traffic, ushering cars in the next lot, as each previous lot fills up. Maintaining a consistent level of flow, to prevent backups on local roadways, or for venues like Bandemere, preventing back flow from the highway, preventing disruption of the normal traffic. In guiding the cars into the lots, insuring the cars are lined up for easy exit. Especially when handling a venue that has 9,000 cars show up for a single event. This includes guiding cars into the grounds, handling the money, making sure you have a point-of-sale system, and handing out car parking tickets for the event. Then as the event finishes, we maintain what’s happening outside as they prepare to leave the venue. Directing traffic and flow with the best possible outcome.