Trade Shows

When you need people to unload the trucks that show up for the event, we unload the trucks, we setup the event, and we tear down the event, and reload the trucks. Including Emergency Cleanup Crews and Overnight Booth Security. From stage hands, to carpenters, to setup & build crews, to audio/visual equipment, to decorators and placement. This also includes decor. We specialize in setting up themed events. This includes Trade Shows. We do anything at the Trade Show.

Security/Watch Teams
Everything from overnight security, to overnight booth watching, to stage watching, to security perimeter. We will watch the equipment on the site. We will watch stuff at the tents of the Boulder Boulder. We make sure club goers, night crawlers, and other late night travelers are not getting into the booths. We’ll do overnight security for the Boulder Arts Festival. An example of booth watching, for the Outdoor Retailer Show, they needed to have their merchandise and booths watched overnight. An example of stage watching, Hudson Gardens has their stage setup for the season. Now every night they need someone to sit behind the stage after night falls to make sure nobody is touching anything.

Outdoor perimeter for Garth Brooks concert. We also do an inner perimeter, which is around the gate. When we are on the inner perimeter, we are watching the crowd, paying attention to mood, and looking for things happening within the crowd. Making sure everything is OK and the crowd is having a good time. We just finished the Sports Venue Risk Management Certification program. 

“The Leader in Temporary Event Staff”

Event Security
Roaming teams, Security at the Gate, This might include a beer garden – to make sure alcohol does not leave the premises, and that alcohol doesn’t get into the venue. Making sure people aren’t smoking where they aren’t supposed to. Keeping things safe. 

Guest Services
When it comes to guest services, that means people who are wearing shirts that say “Information”. They can be at a Festival, at a Concert, at a Special Event. A person that is sitting at the Information Desk. Giving information such as “where are the restrooms”, “where’s the location of a specific booth”. From telling people where those items are, to walking them directly to the area. 

Convention Package Pickup
When you are at a large venue, and a person has purchased a registration, they get a gift bag. We stuff the gift bags, and we distribute the gift bags at the registration table as they come in.   

Registration Tables
Registration tables are needed for Conventions, Weddings, Holiday Parties, Film Screenings. That very first point of contact where people come check in, get their name tag, where people check in on who is already there and in attendance. We handle bi-lingual registration at events. So we have people with various language skills that speak clearly and help those registered at the event, have a seamless experience. We can also supply greeters at the events, to guide you to registration. We are very adaptable to the size and style of the event. 

Event Cleanup Crew
We do pre, during, and post cleanup. We’ll go in there after they start setting stuff up, we supply the crew that goes through and cleans everything up in preparation of the event. We have collection and a Green Team. They green team picks up the trash from the staging area, takes it to the separation bins, and separates the trash into the appropriate rolloff dumpsters – recycle, compost, landfill. For example, there was a recent event at Bandemere Raceway, so our cleanup team does a walkthrough before the event begins, then cleans up tables, emptying trash cans through the day, leaving no trace of the race. Then, once the event is done, doing a post-cleanup, making sure there is no trace of the race after the event. Tracing the entire route of the race, all the way back to the parking lots used. Including, if needed, the removal of the trash from the premises. So we can offer the entire package, from pre, during, and post cleanup to removal of trash from the event.