Sean Patterson

Sean Patterson

Co-Founder, VP, and General Manager

How long have you been working with Mark?
4 years 

What brought you to become a founder of DSE?
We were working for another company, we didn’t like how things were working out for us. Mark was so passionate about what he was doing and he brought so much to the organization. I saw what he was capable of doing and creating, and I wanted to see him do better. We already had the working knowledge of how to accommodate clients, we knew we could do it ourselves, we decided to branch out on our own, and here we are today. 

What do you like the most about DSE?
How acceptant we are and our ability to give people second chances. Sometimes, in life, people fall short on things, and we understand that. We are particularly flexible with people’s everyday lives, and we provide that chance to have a fresh start. 

What do you bring to DSE?
As we began this venture, I was the instigator to encourage Mark to branch out. I inadvertently became the pillar, the steady emotional foundation, that Mark could lean on. And in doing so, I have become more outgoing in my abilities to actively participate in what’s happening around me. It’s definitely helped bring me out of my comfort zone, but in the best possible way. I’m also the one who looks for the authenticity in any given situation. So if something’s not right, I can usually sense it and help the company navigate positively through those moments. 

What is your title?
Co-Founder, VP, and Dir. of Billing

What is your vision, in what you do, for the future of DSE?
I would like to branch out into being able to reach out on my own and cultivate partnerships and accounts. As I learn to become more outgoing, I’d like to be able to expand on some of the relationships we already have, and pursue other events that I would love to be a part of.