Mark Wonder



A Colorado native, born and raised. I’ve been the worker or employee, for different festivals, concerts, and events, for the past thirty-one years. I started at National Western Stock Show parking cars, but always taking joy and pride in getting the job done. I’ve been very adaptable in everything I’ve been able to do. Every position that DSE offers, I have worked and I can still work. With the exception of the sous chef!

In my family, everyone has always worked hard. Everybody just did what needed to be done, to make it happen. Going back to my grandfather who was a farmer in Welby Colorado (on the north side of Denver). His work ethic was instilled in my mom, and then all of us. 

As I got increased accolades at what I was doing, then I was able to put together teams that could do the job just as well, over and over again. The opportunity to continue to work hard, and to do the next right thing, and helping people. There’s nothing more that I like to do, than to see other people happy. To be a part of creating a client experience, and offering a chance for staff to change their life, is humbling, and what a great way to give back with gratitude.