Service Details

Service Details

We specialize in Concerts, Festivals, and Special Events

We have become Denver’s “go-to” in temporary event staff. Any Temporary Staffing Needs. Any Type of Festival or Event. We can provide staff in as little as 3-5 hours.  We can come into the event with Diamond Standard Events Brand, or your Brand. 

  • Carnivals
  • Ride Attendants
  • Certified Bartenders & Bar Backs
  • Beverage Teams
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Security/Watch Teams
  • Event Security
  • ID Security
  • Bag & Cooler Check
  • Campus Events
  • Ticket Takers
  • Ushers
  • Emergency Cleanup
  • Wrist Banding
  • Guest Services
  • Convention Package Pickup
  • Registration Tables
  • Luggage Pickup, Attendants, Valet
  • Crowd Control
  • Event Decoration
  • Event Cleanup Crew
  • Catering & Serving Staff
  • Prep Chefs
  • Parking Lot Attendants, Valet, Flaggers
  • Traffic Control
  • On-Site Management Teams
  • Ice Control & Snow Removal
  • Temp to Hire Program

Some of Our Services

Below is an expanded list of some of the services that we provide. Click on the plus sign to expand the explanation of each type of service.

Bag check is another form of security. You may have metal detecting or wanding. For example, the Rockies games: people are allowed to bring anything in, people setup entire picnics for the game. We’re looking for specific items in their bags such as glassware and outside alcohol. Our goal is to be cognizant of what they are bringing in.

Giving you the quality look for your brand. We will send profile pictures, so you can find the look that most suits your brand. The brand ambassadors can hand out brochures at large events, and guide potential clients to your sales team.

Just like running events at Mile High Stadium or Fiddler’s Green, but now we are at a Campus, such as School of Mines or CSU. We can provide all the services needed for a successful event. 

Setup crews for the rides, ride attendants, tables, tents, and chairs. Our crews go in several days prior to the Carnival opening, get everything setup, then they open doors, and all the way to the teardown. We can also handle parking for the event, cleanup crews, ticket takers, and ride attendants.

For larger parties providing bartenders, serving staff, for both banquet or buffet. Making sure that the flow of all the people is going smoothly so everyone can eat. With the banquet serving staff we would hand out plates, augment the catering company staff with additional servers, and going around picking up and cleaning tables as we go. With buffet, changing out the chaffing dishes to keep them full and fresh. We also offer a trash cleanup crew for after the event. 

We’ve done certified bartenders at Cherry Creek Festival. We can do as small as shop mini for one person, for a two hour gig. We can also do it for a wedding. The bartenders are alcohol certified, so we know we are putting the right people to protect whatever venue they are in, to make sure people are not getting over-served. We have the barbacks to back up the bartenders. 

Now let’s talk larger scale – Beverage Team – For something like Pride Fest we have a beverage team, and the beverage team is going to be hauling the ice to twenty-five different bars located throughout the Civic Center Park. The beverage team makes sure that the alcohol is going to be ordered and delivered to each of those bars. There’s golf carts, there’s pull carts, and it’s the beverage team that makes sure each bar has enough ice, enough product to sell, keeping track of what it is each of the twenty-five bars need. From signing out the alcohol from the truck, to the ones that are pouring it, to the ones delivering the ice, to the ones doing inventory at the end. Product includes alcohol, bottled water, sodas, etc. 

When you are at a large venue, and a person has purchased a registration, they get a gift bag. We stuff the gift bags, and we distribute the gift bags at the registration table as they come in.   

For example, handling Bronco games. We are there three hours prior to the game, we are making sure that the crowd ingress is at a steady flow. There are going to be lines when dealing with crowds of that size. Our job is to make sure the crowd is under control. We let them know which direction to go, including areas that the crowd is not allowed to go. This includes parking. When the crowds are coming in, we’re controlling the flow of people and cars. For example, say we have an inclement weather emergency, we have the staff on radios to make sure there is consistent flow around the stadium. 

When after a success event, such as the Chicken Fight Festival in the RHINO district, and you need the neighborhood restored to what it looked like before the event. The cleanup includes the venue, pedestrian walkways, and parking lots impacted by the event. Sometimes a venue needs a little extra love and attention the day after the event. We put boots on the ground within three to four hours, and get the venue cleaned up within four hours. We have brooms, dustpans, gloves, golf cart, push carts, U-Hauls, we have whatever is needed. We’ve got everything from hay bails to chicken bones to plastic cups. We help municipalities keep their park grounds clean after major events. 

When you do decorating staff, these are people who may have a carpentry background that may help setup theatrical screens and large stage props. For example we did an amazing show that was steampunk meets Alice in Wonderland. Where we had a giant archway with of a clock, you’d walk through what looked like a rabbit hole, leading into a huge palace, full of decor. With a giant tea pot and playing cards, giant styrofoam mushrooms, and an enchanted garden. Including the use of scissor lifts for placement. Decor does everything from build scenes to having our carpenters build ramps for auto shows. Including tossing linens prior to the caterers arriving.

When you do decorating staff, these are people who may have a carpentry background that may help setup theatrical screens and large stage props. For example we did an amazing show that was steampunk meets Alice in Wonderland. Where we had a giant archway with of a clock, you’d walk through what looked like a rabbit hole, leading into a huge palace, full of decor. With a giant tea pot and playing cards, giant styrofoam mushrooms, and an enchanted garden. Including the use of scissor lifts for placement. Decor does everything from build scenes to having our carpenters build ramps for auto shows. Including tossing linens prior to the caterers arriving.

Roaming teams, Security at the Gate, This might include a beer garden – to make sure alcohol does not leave the premises, and that alcohol doesn’t get into the venue. Making sure people aren’t smoking where they aren’t supposed to. Keeping things safe. 

When it comes to guest services, that means people who are wearing shirts that say “Information”. They can be at a Festival, at a Concert, at a Special Event. A person that is sitting at the Information Desk. Giving information such as “where are the restrooms”, “where’s the location of a specific booth”. From telling people where those items are, to walking them directly to the area. 

When we get to the time of year in Colorado when most of the major events, festivals, and concerts start winding down, we have seasonal staff that are available during the winter months. We put them on commercial ice control and snow removal for a local company. To do King Soopers, Targets, Safeways, Hospitals, Commercial Buildings, Office Buildings. We do all the ice control and snow removal during and after the storm. We also do pre-storm with rock salt to storefront entrances, keeping the pedestrian walkways clear and safe.  

Checking ID’s at a venue, especially when making sure the attendees are of age if the venue has alcohol. We have a bar and nightclub scanning device that scans each ID, runs it through the database, and let’s us know if the ID is expired, valid, or fake. This technology has saved several bars and preserved their liquor license. 

When you have an event, especially when those attending are spread out over multiple hotels. When they have people who will be checking out on the last day of the conference/event, sometimes they need to check out at 7am. So they can catch the 7:30am breakfast, and the 8am conference. We create valet luggage staging and pickup at each of the hotels being used by the attendees. So as they completed their conference, we could easily hand the right piece(s) of luggage to the right person.  

We will manage your site with our team if need be. So when we get to the numbers of ten, thirty, or fifty or more people, we have levels, where we have an event staffing manager, lead supervisors, and we have general labor. We’ll go in and maintain fifty people for the October Halloween Party for the City of Westminster, where you have 30,000 people show up for the event. Where we are managing the staff that is handling and monitoring the kids games, Wrist Banders, Scanners, Parking Lot Attendants, Cleanup Crew, Setup & Teardown, we can manage that whole site. We help take the burden off the Organizer or the Planner. We can become an extension of them so there is one less thing for them to deal with. With consistent monitoring of the event, keeping track of staff, gates, games, parking, and cleanup. 

Handling the ingress and egress. Starting at the venue two hours before the event begins.  Parking goes from the point of contact with the attendees of an event. Very often people who drive to the event have been waiting in line, may be agitated, may have even needed to pay to park, so the first face they see needs to be smiling. And this is another subtle aspect of security, by making sure it’s a happy environment. Then crowd control, bringing people in from the parking lots into the venue. Making sure the different parking lot attendants are in contact with each other. Correctly directing traffic, ushering cars in the next lot, as each previous lot fills up. Maintaining a consistent level of flow, to prevent backups on local roadways, or for venues like Bandemere, preventing back flow from the highway, preventing disruption of the normal traffic. In guiding the cars into the lots, insuring the cars are lined up for easy exit. Especially when handling a venue that has 9,000 cars show up for a single event. This includes guiding cars into the grounds, handling the money, making sure you have a point-of-sale system, and handing out car parking tickets for the event. Then as the event finishes, we maintain what’s happening outside as they prepare to leave the venue. Directing traffic and flow with the best possible outcome. 

People who were needed to make sure that the Master Chef would would have the backup for the catering event. Chefs that take care of food preparation, garnish, and plate presentation. 

Registration tables are needed for Conventions, Weddings, Holiday Parties, Film Screenings. That very first point of contact where people come check in, get their name tag, where people check in on who is already there and in attendance. We handle bi-lingual registration at events. So we have people with various language skills that speak clearly and help those registered at the event, have a seamless experience. We can also supply greeters at the events, to guide you to registration. We are very adaptable to the size and style of the event. 

Once rides are setup, there needs to be attendants to run the rides. Very often we get requests for additional general labor staff, that they will train. Attendants who monitor height of rider, belts, overall safety, and behavior on the ride. 

Everything from overnight security, to overnight booth watching, to stage watching, to security perimeter. We will watch the equipment on the site. We will watch stuff at the tents of the Boulder Boulder. We make sure club goers, night crawlers, and other late night travelers are not getting into the booths. We’ll do overnight security for the Boulder Arts Festival. An example of booth watching, for the Outdoor Retailer Show, they needed to have their merchandise and booths watched overnight. An example of stage watching, Hudson Gardens has their stage setup for the season. Now every night they need someone to sit behind the stage after night falls to make sure nobody is touching anything.

Outdoor perimeter for Garth Brooks concert. We also do an inner perimeter, which is around the gate. When we are on the inner perimeter, we are watching the crowd, paying attention to mood, and looking for things happening within the crowd. Making sure everything is OK and the crowd is having a good time. We just finished the Sports Venue Risk Management Certification program. 

When you need people to unload the trucks that show up for the event, we unload the trucks, we setup the event, and we tear down the event, and reload the trucks. From stage hands, to carpenters, to setup & build crews, to audio/visual equipment, to decorators and placement. This also includes decor. We specialize in setting up themed parties. This includes Concerts, Festivals, and Special Events. 

There are many multitudes of ticket taking. The attendees already have their tickets for the event, we either have a computer with the ability to scan the tickets, or we take their tickets and keep the stubs. We love the ability to scan, it keeps track of the data from the event, who showed up, and that information can be seen at the back office. When we have to do traditional ticket taking and rip the tickets, we take those stubs, rubber band stacks of twenty-five at a time, then they can do a count to see the amount of people on-site. 

If any of our temporary staff does such a great job, that you feel they would be a great addition to your regular staff, we do have a program to transition them into your company. 

When you have events where people are coming in off the highway, and you need safe and effective guidance of cars and traffic, to assist in the flow towards the parking areas. That means staff with reflective gear, flashlights, flags, stop & slow sign, and light wands, standing in the middle of the road, directing traffic going into the event. 

After you have your ticket, and you have entered the venue, you need to know what portal your going to, and direction to your seats. The usher will greet attendee, have a flashlight read to read the ticket, and guide the patron to their section and seat so they can sit down. The efficiency of the ushers also create an atmosphere and flow to the event. We will also usher to keep isle ways clear at the venue for easy egress in the case of inclement weather or an emergency. Keeping the isles clear also keeps the venue in compliance with fire codes.  

When the ID checker or beer garden person checks the ID, and we put the appropriate wrist band on them, so they can come in and out of the 21 and over area.